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Thread: Create Your Own Empire/Force!

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    Exclamation Create Your Own Empire/Force!

    If You Don't Know How To Present It, Then Copy Me : (This Is For An Dynasty Warriors Empires Game).

    Empire/Force Name : The 'New Han Forces'
    Ruler : He Jin's Son (Possibly Called He Dun)
    Starting Officers : Huangfu Xian (Huangfu Song's Son), Zhu Yuan (Zhu Jun's Son), and Wei Fei (Some random Character).
    Starting Location : Xia Pi
    Lifetime Ambition : To retake Luo Yang from his father's killer, and to make an alliance with Cao Pi, a childhood friend.

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    Forces Name: The Kingdom of Liang
    Ruler: Wei Men
    Officers: Wei Han (Wei Men's younger brother), Wei Xinnao (Wei Men's younger sister), Wei Yimai (Wei Men's youngest sister), Lu Dian (Wei Han's sworn brother)
    Starting Location: Xi Liang
    Life Time Ambition: Wei Men/Wei Xinnao: To conquer China in the most chaotic way
    Wei Han/Wei Yimai: To trick Wei Men into calling them traitors so that he can realise that Lu Dian is a traitor
    Lu Dian: To trick Wei Men into trusting him so that he can take his home.

    After conquering Cao Cao, Wei Men's father's killer (after conquering Dong Zhuo, Sun Ce, Sun Ce's siblings, Lu Bu, Liu Zhang, Meng Huo and Wang Land first.), and executing him brutally, Wei Men exiles his three siblings to prevent them from rebellion and treachery which they were falsely accused of by Lu Dian and Wei Men himself. Wei Men's ancestors believed in the apocalypse beginning in 180 with the Yellow Turban Rebellion and ending in 200 with whatever happens. Since half of it has already happened, all Lu Dian has to do is rebel and conquer half of China at least to make Wei Men's life a misery. After rebelling, Wei Han takes his two exiled sisters and attacks Wei Men's capital gaining control. He hands it back, claiming he meant no harm. Lu Dian shows Wei Men a scroll of what happens. Wei Han shows Wei Men a scroll that his exilation and re-attack along with Lu Dian trying to get him back with his own scroll plans and Wei Men takes Wei Han back who returns the capital. Lu Dian flees. On the last night of 199, Lu Dian meets Wei Men on the fields where they have a head-on-head battle. As midnight clashes, Lu Dian slays Wei Men and Xinnao. Wei Yimai is beaten to death by Lu Dian shortly later. Wei Han duals his wronged sworn brother and in a final clash, they both end up sticking a sword in each others heart. As they both make their final movements, Wei Men, Wei Xinnao and Wei Yimai stand up and they are engulfed in a fireball that burns Earth and eventually the universe.

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    Empire/Force Name: Tsang Zang
    Ruler: Zhi Kan
    Starting Officers: Zing Pei, Shi Xian, Lei Tong
    Starting Location: Ping Yuan
    Lifetime Ambition: To reclaim the northern lands that had been taken from his father, and then take the rest of China by force.

    Starting out in Ping Yuan, Zhi Kan soon announced himself as a threat by attacking and capturing the lands of Ye,(Guan Du) effectively destroying Yuan Shao's forces. He later influenced the North more by capturing Jian Ye, Xu Chang, and even Luo Yang. Moving into the North-Western territories, Zhi Kan was met by the massing forces of Shu, led by Liu Bei. Zhi Kan was advised by Shen Neng(a newly appointed Tactician) to attack Shu at Chang An as soon as possible. However, due to the numbers of the Shu forces, they where forced to pull back. Zhi Kan took this loss as an opportunity, he attacked Xiang Yang, also owned by Shu, and then attack Chang An on both sides, taking two areas in one.
    Finally he attacked Han Zhong, where Liu Bei had made a base, he drove Shu out of Cheng Du also, securing all the Northern Territories.
    Now, he must attack the Southern forces.
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    Empire/Force Name: WuShu Forces
    Ruler:Sze Chan (Lui Bei & Sun ShangXiang's Daughter)
    Starting Officers: Sun Qiao (Da Qiao's daughter), Zhi Qiao (Xiao Qiao's daughter), Zhang Bao
    Starting Location: Jiaozhou
    Lifetime ambition: Since China was unified under Cao Wei and then divided again a few years later due to crimes against humanity, the descendents of the old Wu & Shu generals have joined forces under Lui Bei & Sun ShangXiang's Daughter forming the kingdom of WuShu in the south east.

    The kingdom of WuShu is not an alliance, but a merging of the two previous kingdoms of Wu and Shu. Sze Chan, daughter of Lui Bei and half brother of Lui Chan took over both kingdoms after Wu crumbled and Lui Chan died of a heart attack at a young age. The land became divided once more due to the Wei forces invading all northern territories and taking them by force without warning. They were sweeping the north of the country cold blooded killing all. This kind of mass genocide has never been seen before in the history of China.

    Sze Chan has contacted the daughters of Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao, who are great friends of hers to rally the remaining Wu forces to the cause to bring down Wei once and for all. Wei has recruited many strong officers, as well as veterans of many hard fought battles and is a formidable force including Lu Bu's son's forces as well as the remnants of Lui Yong's, Huang Zu and Lui Zhang's forces.

    The first task for the virtually small armies is to re take the lands of Wu as well as the old shu capital of Cheng Du. The three women, along with Zhang Bao lead a small army to Cheng Du first of all, the battle is short as they are reinforced by Xing Cai's wandering forces who have been looking to rejoin the Shu Kingdom after being captured by Sima Zhao years ago and feared dead. With the addition of Xing Cai, the armies move swiftly through the suthern regions. They split into two smaller groups and gain the aid of the now very small Nanman forces, who are willing to uphold their old alliance with Shu. Other notable regions that are taken over include JianYe, TianShui, HanZhong and XiangYang.

    The WuShu forces are now huge once again, having recruited wandering officers who are descended from some of the great officers of the three kingdoms era. Now all that is left is to begin the long and hard campaign against Cao Jie and Sima Zhi's forces in the north.

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