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Thread: More Violence in Overseas Fist of the North Star

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    Thanks a lot, all datas relayed on fan board. Does that mean a coming video exclusive with the Western version on MyKOEITV Youtube Channel ??? (yummy yummy yummy )
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    yes, we will have more stuff soon ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman57 View Post
    Here a bunch of questions linked to the "more violent" and other themes.

    1. "Ken's Rage" more violent than "Hokuto Musou".

    Rated PEGI 18 compare to the D rating (+17) in Japan, all the players attached to the native french fan board having finished the imported game confirmed that there are NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL except languages on status bars. Sorry to be angry but was this announce of a "western more violent game" "closer to the original manga" a pure lie to boost the sales ?!

    2. Voice.

    Ok we admit that for native english speaker the request of english voice actor is important for sales. But, honestly those dubbings are generally half of the quality of original voices as "Seyuu" (Japanese voice actors) are extremely more expressive than western ones. Do the game still integer the japanese voice switchable in the menu (even for cinematics scenes including captions) ?
    Additionnaly I may suppose that only English and Japanese would be available or do KOEI interger French and Italian voices ?

    3. Packaging and title.

    Japan : "Hokuto Musou", Europe : "Fist of the North Star", will every broadcasting country have a declinaison of local title like France : "Ken le survivant" and Italy "Ken Il Guerriero" ?

    4. Release date.

    Amazon announced Sep. 30.
    Do you confirm ?

    Having obsessed over anything related to this game. I will say almost all footage available including videos of demos, almost all have been the japanese build, considering all the writing in the corners of the screen are in Japanese. The english trasiler and various other bits of footage for Ken's Rage are actually recycled videos from over 6 months ago. If i see any actual footage leaked or official I'll post links or i'm sure Andreas will.

    I can confirm Kenshiro has an upgraded combo attack (not sure if i posted that video on this site or mine), the game is certainly not unchanged. Leady has also pointed out the head exploding in a video somewhere (can't remember the topic).

    Don 't trust online shop dates they will put up dates to secure preorders from over eager consumers, as some believe that they will actually stock the game sooner, which certainly is not the case, especially when we're talking months. Until Koei says something everything is speculation the most realistic dates are slated for november I only say this as the game is supposed to be released Q4.

    Regarding Seiyuus thats an unfair generalisation. I have seen some very very bad seiyuu's in my time. Just because Seiyuu's are generally more melodramatic (kinda like over the top, not sure if you use that word in france) doesn't mean they are better. I do agree they are more expressive but thats not always appropriate (on another note dubbed films are terrible and always are), I will give you that sometimes english voice actors do not seem to know the source material and seem to express some dialogue completely the wrong way. I also thought english Kenshiro and Shin were great, but maybe thats just me.
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    Basically the only version of the game that has been shown that is NOT the Japanese version is the e3 Demo. The e3 demo was kind've a hybrid between the Japanese version and the eventual Western version of the Superbuu3 said it has some things in it like the exploding heads and slightly different light effects.

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