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Thread: Yukimura Sanada

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    Yes, his story was very different and didn't have that award-winning ending.

    Basically to put it in a nutshell it was about killing Ieyasu in SW1 and avenging Shingen. And in SW2 it was his friendship with the three. I guess Koei decided and thought about giving him this first. Likely Yukimura is one of the first characters to be thought of, and that they wanted to add Mitsunari and Kanetsugu in, so it just really happened as such.

    I personally liked his SW1 story more also.

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    I like Yukimura because he was the first character I played in SW2. It took me awhile to get a hang of his moveset but not too long. Everytime I play WO with him... I think Power Rangers because Johnny Yong Bosch played the Black Ranger! \m/

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    Yukimura is a great character. His moveset is awesome and so is his look, voice and personality. I like him more than Zhao Yun by a long shot because he seems less like a superhero and more of a warrior, opposed to zhao yun who is annoying with his superhero-type quotes.

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    At first glance, when playing SW1, I mistook Yukimura for the resident Zhao Yun.
    Boy, was I wrong.
    Not only had he a personality beyond 'MAH LAWD' and a cool boss and aide Zhao Yun can only dream about, his story mode was about him going out to avenge his lord and his ending was...well, unexpected. It's still one of my favorite endings to this day.

    Honestly I think getting paired with Zhao Yun in WO didn't do him he sports a Zhao Yun-like hairstyle and has a similar armor as well.
    Here's hoping he won't become like mr. MAH LAWD...
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