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    Ok, I've racked up almost 90 hours of play. I've done all Legends (at least once), all 3 story lines, Crossover, I have 85% of the Treasures, 100% Chi, 100% Orbs, 90.1% Weapons, I'm working through the Hard mode levels to get the last 3 officers and the other missions (not at my PS3 currently so can't check) which you get from there. But I'm still 90.1% of the Officer Cards (I'm missing one Wei and one Wu) Am I doing something wrong. Is it really that random? I regularly keep getting the panda or the little girl. Rarely I get an officer turn up and 90% of the time it's the really annoying one asking if anyone will ever unite the clans. Please someone tell me there's a way to get this sorted easily (I've even tried the mission start -> quit trick but that didn't yield anything. I'm also playing currently as Lu Bu, started as Ma Chao (both are level 50) In case that has any bearing at all on things.
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    It is that random.

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    That sucks more than anything in the history of sucking. It's completely stupid.

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    Ok, I spent a while yesterday and my calculations are that I can get from the city, into a mission and back out in 1 min. out of 100 attempts I got the following statistics: 40% of the time nothing 33% of the time Panda 20% of the time Girl 4% of the time an officer who granted +1 to a skill 3% of the time an officer with a 1 liner. This means that I have approximately 7% chance that I will get an officer appear. I then have a 1% chance that it's the one I'm after. Come on Koei please patch it to increase the number of officers or make it so that when an officer spawns it's more likely to be one you don't have. I mean I currently have: Weapons collected 100% Orbs collected 100% Chi collected 100% Officers collected 100% Treasures collected 100% Missions completed 100% (including all the downloads) Officer cards 99% (It lists as 98.9% IIRR) I have 96% of the trophies only missing Platinum and the one for collecting all the cards. The 1 officer card I'm missing is from Wei one up from the bottom. Which to get I have to waste untold hours (already at over 100) logging into a mission and quitting in the vain hope that not only an officer will spawn but he's the final one I need.

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