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    Default Complete Tactics and Treasures

    Hope somebody likes this. SPOILERS!

    Complete Card Tactics - Use these cards

    SPOILER: (highlight to read)
    Cao's Influence: Cao Cao, Cao Ren, Cao Pi
    Sun's Bonds: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
    Brothers Oath: Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei
    Strategist's Reckoning: Sima Yi, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang
    Turbans' Sanctum: Weaken the enemy
    Burning Love: Cao Pi, Zhen Ji
    Young Love: Zhou Yu, Xiao Qiao
    Virtuous Love: Yue Ying, Zhuge Liang
    Devoted Love: Lu Bu, Diao Chan
    Pure Love: Liu Bei, Sun Shang Xiang
    Xiahou's Spirit: Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan
    Faithful Devotion: Zhou Tai, Sun Quan
    Warrior Generations: Guan Yu, Guan Ping - Really useful
    Princess Dance: Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo
    Nemesis Bond: Cao Cao, Yuan Shao
    Iron Men: Dian Wei, Xu Zhu
    Imperial Majesty: 4 "Lord" cards (like Cao Cao)
    Poison Strategy +: 4 "Wood" cards (Officers with a leaf symbol)
    Engulf Strategy +: 4 "Fire" cards
    Heavy Strategy +: 4 "Earth" cards (Officers with a rock symbol)
    Stun Strategy +: 4 "Metal" cards
    Freeze Strategy +: 4 "Water" Cards
    Seal Strategy +: 4 "Dark" Cards
    Disband Strategy +: 4"Light" Cards
    Ingenious Minds: 4 "Strategist" Cards
    Legendary Courage: 4 "Officer" Cards
    Wei Phoenix: 4 "Wei" cards
    Wu Tiger: 4 "Wu" Cards
    Shu Dragon: 4 "Shu" Dragon
    Chiefs Oath: 4 "Other Force" Cards
    Imperial Presence: 2 "Lord" cards
    Poison Strategy: 2 "Wood" cards
    Engulf Strategy: 2 "Fire" cards
    Heavy Strategy: 2 "Earth" cards
    Stun Strategy: 2 "Metal" cards
    Freeze Strategy: 2 "Water" Cards
    Seal Strategy: 2 "Dark" Cards
    Disband Strategy: 2"Light" Cards
    Agile Minds: 2 "Strategist" Cards
    Fearless Courage: 2 "Officer" Cards
    Wei Ambition: 2 "Wei" cards
    Sun's Solidarity: 2 "Wu" Cards
    Shu's Aspiration: 2 "Shu" Dragon

    Complete Treasures

    SPOILER: (highlight to read)
    Grand Histories - Chapter 3 Completed
    Meng De's Manual - Game completed as Wei
    Art of War - Game completed as Wu
    24 War Manuals - Game completed as Shu
    Book of Illusions - Chapter 6 completed
    Imperial Seal - Victory in many Battles
    Dragon Ring - Many Bonus objectives cleared
    Shadow Runner - Victory in many Legend quests
    Awards of Valor - Collected great number of spoils
    Way of Peace - Won battles as all Musou Officers - 1 player character each wins 1 battle
    He's Jade - Fully leveled up a Musou Officer - to level 50
    Red Hare - Defeated Lu Bu many times
    War God Statue - Defeated all Musou Officers
    Banana Leaf Fan - Obtained 1 top-rank weapon - the legend item weapons
    Mo Xie Sword - Learned all top Rank Chi skills
    5 Colored Stones - Collected all top rank orbs
    Shan Hai Jing - Collected all Musou officer cards
    Bronze Pheasant- Fully leveled up City
    4 God Statues - Many multi-player friends - meaning registered profiles of players
    Hex Mark - Victory in many VS battles - Good Luck

    Like i said, I hope someone likes this.

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    Hey hey!

    Great post Onislash! I for one will be using it from time to time so thanks!!

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    Sure. Just need to get back up to chapter 6 Wei, and I get Platinum trophy.

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