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Thread: Why Guan Ping?

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    Unhappy Why Guan Ping?

    Why the Halberd? I expected the Xing Cai fork on the top. but I liked Ping's Zanbatō. But I FREAKING LOVED THE MOVESET! Now, it's just boring. I loved his moveset in dw5. why they give him halberd. I don't care what his weapon is, JUST NO PIKES AND NO HALBERDS it no match. we got enough pike/glaive/halberders here. (2halbers = zhang liao, 4halberds lubu:?, lu meng = glaive, cao ren = whatever that thing is [buckler blade was better ]. We got enough pikes and halberds.

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    okay, I know everyone was disappointed with the lack of movesets and characters in the new dynasty warriors series! but the thing is, koei had to spend so much time with graphics that it took so long, they had to release, there original idea was to just include the characters that had a musou mode. though that makes me wonder, if they would have just released dynasty warriors with just the musou mode characters, would empires have had more characters and more unique movesets! anyway it never really bothered me, though i would like to see everyone with there own moveset in dynasty warriors 7!

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