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Thread: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Wishlist

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    Default Wishes, hopes and something between

    Just wondering why they left Legend (Piloted by Rey) out from the Gundam Seed Destiny?
    I'm big Gundam fan and I hope they'll make more DWG games (*cough* with more gundams*cough*).

    Personally I would want to see following in next games:

    - Impulse
    - Striker
    - Legend
    - Stargazer
    (Pretty much all Gundams from Seed/Seed Destiny)
    - Gundam X
    - Maybe Exia from Gundam 00
    - Knight Gundam!

    Mobile Armors:
    - GFAS-X1 Destroy
    - Bigger Dark Gundam (seriosly, it was way too small in DWG2) hehe
    - Apsalus (From 08th MS Team)

    Mobile suits (mass produced):
    - Ginn
    - Zakus from Seed Destiny
    - Murasame
    - Dark Army (from G Gundam)

    and many other stuff I cant remember hrhr...
    oh btw for multiplayer, a actual team versus would be cool.

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    I think they should cover every series with at least 3 suits/pilots for each one.

    08th MS team:
    - Shiro w/ EZ-8
    - Norris (w/ the already playable Gouf)
    - Aina (w/ the already playable Zaku) or Ginias w/ Apsaras III

    Gundam: covered

    - Bernie (like Aina, w/ Zaku)
    - Chris w/ Gundam Alex
    - Mikhail w/ Kämpfer

    - Kou w/ either Zephyrantes or Stamen (Dendrobium is too h4x)
    - Gato w/ Physalis and/or Neue Ziel (and he must say "I'm the enemy, you idiot!" when you select him)
    - Cima w/ Gerbera Tetra, or Burning (w/ a grunt GM)

    Zeta: covered

    ZZ: covered

    Char's Counterattack: covered

    - Cecily's mobile suit (why wasn't it in DWG2 in the first place?)
    - Iron Mask w/ Rafflesia or Crossbone Gundam (I'm asking for the impossible, I know, but what the hell!)

    - 3rd unit should be Chronocle w/ one of his suits, Marvet w/ Victory or...the whole Shrike team, each member piloting a grunt GunEZ! I'd go with Chronocle though; Zanscarean suits are cool in my book, and I'd kill to pilot a Gedlav (visual reference)

    - I'm not very knowledgeable about this series; I'd just go with Garrod/XX, Jamil/whatever he pilots and the Frost brothers...

    G Gundam:
    - as with Victory, two units are already taken and the third one should be one of the following: Schwarz Bruder w/ Spiegel/Shadow, Rain w/ Rising or Allenby w/ Nobel/Noble. Personally, I'd ditch Nobel any day since it looks too much like a...Sailor Moon...mecha...thingy. And I'm a total sucker for Naginatas and German ninjas XD

    - haha, well, this depends whether they want to add Endless Waltz. If they do, then they should see that every Wing boy is in the roster. Otherwise, I'd go with Noin w/ a grunt Taurus.

    Endless Waltz:
    - if they decide to include this one as well, then I'd go with Quatre/Sandrock Custom in Wing, and the remaining 2 in Endless Waltz (Duo w/ DSH, Trowa w/ Heavyarms Custom and Wufei w/ Altron).

    Turn A:
    - Harry w/ Sumo (seriously, out of all the Char clones this one is by far the most skilled, not to mention seriously badass, one)

    - Mu w/ Strike or Cagalli w/ Strike Rouge
    - one of the druggies' Gundam (I'd pick Forbidden)
    - Creuset w/ Providence

    SEED Destiny: covered

    - seriously, I know next to nothing about this series so I don't know what to suggest.

    ...however, if I was to make a personal wishlist this is what I'd add:
    - Hi-Nu Gundam (Beltorchika's Children)
    - Gedlav (Victory)
    - Rising Gundam (G Gundam)
    - Fuunsaiki (G Gundam and yes, I'M SERIOUS)
    - Vayeate and Mercurius (Wing)
    - Nobel Gundam Dorothy Custom (joke suit from Gundam Wing manga; visual reference)
    - Sumo (Turn A)
    - Abyss Gundam (SEED Destiny)
    - Gaia Gundam (SEED Destiny)

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    Schwarz should definatly be in.
    Me and my friend were joking what would be his Gauge (special) attack in game refering to this clip:
    He would just say his name and everybody on field explodes.

    It was nice that they added many mobile suits but eh... I'd prefer more gundams instead of regular cannonfodder guys (as playable). Sure there's nothing wrong with them, but they dont really have any move sets or so.

    Maybe WaDom from turn A could work as Mobile armor too?

    Oh and would be cool to have the Musha Gundam from first game (as the enemy).
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    Legend ;___;


    That's my favourite MS from Cosmic Era...
    However, there are still more series to include in next games... Let's hope in another sequel!

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    I don't see anything wrong with making the peons playable, though. It adds to the challenge, IMO.

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    In my opinion, the game would be nowhere near as good as it is without playable grunts. Although, that's mainly because I ONLY use the grunts and wouldn't touch the gundams with a 100-ft stick LESS GUNDAMS, MORE GRUNTS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tms View Post
    Oh and would be cool to have the Musha Gundam from first game (as the enemy).

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    Ehm I'll take my musha gundam opinion back, not sure whatever he's in this game (as the autothingy pilot). But obviosly he's not deployed enough! XD

    Btw, what happened to Strike Freedoms Double beamsaber?
    Or was it removed cause then freedom would be overpowered?

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    I just hope the next game (if there is a next one) has as little SEED as possible and lots of Wing. Playable Duo, Treize and Noin would be great.

    But if I wanted something from Seed I'd have to go with Shani and the Forbidden Gundam.
    I'd also like Johnny Ridden playable, I like how he's always so calm and collected ^^

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    I agree on the SEED one.
    SEED and Destiny have several cool suits (especially the druggies') which are never used

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    I'd hope to see the other pilots from Gundam Wing and their mechs from both the show and Endless Waltz.

    And I hope they don't have that stupid licence for to earn mobile suits again cuz it's beginning to **** me off.
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