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Thread: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Wishlist

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    Well the most important part if a third game were to be made, I believe would be to include the japanese voices!

    Otherwise I'd like to see more Gundams from SEED, SEED Destiny & 00. And maybe some cameo robot from Code Geass would be awesome (both Gundam and Code Geass are made by the studio Sunrise).

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    More main MS, less useless grunts from every freaking UC show. Surely there a more fans of Gundam X than every single crappy Zaku Tank. Or not.

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    I think it'd be cool if you could control one of those really huge ones (I forgot the names of them). It'd be awesome just crushing all the smaller Gundam as one of those

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    Mobile Armors you mean? I just want ALL Gundam series so far

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    I wouldn't mind character and Gundam creation, I find many of the pre-made characters to be annoying.
    And the voice acting needs work, also a Free mode would be nice to see in a third game instead of going into a main story mode and being slaughtered because your levels are far too low once the big Mobile Armours appear.

    And Death Scythe really should be a choice, it's a perfect melee Gundam.

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    8th M.S Team would be pretty cool I think, and well suited to the "war" feel.Other than that, maybe some more from gundam wing like the tallagese or the heavyarms?Also wouldn't mind seeing something from gundam unicorn in there.

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    Hi Sorry I miss out out for a long time (mostly working) and incorrect words (1st post)

    but I found some recommended (by choice) Mobile Suit for

    Warriors Gundam 3

    Here is my recommended mobile suit that may be added:

    Wing Gundam Version
    Ka (early model) or Wing Gundam Zero Custom
    Gundam X
    Gundam DX (Double X)
    Nobel Gundam
    Hi-Nu Gundam ("if")
    Exia Gundam/Damaged/R2 (SP: Trans-Am Mode)
    00 Raiser Gundam
    Reborn Gundam
    Full Armour ZZ Gundam (only 1 mission)
    RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode & Destroy Mode)
    Destroyer Gundam (BOSS: Mobile Amour from seed destiny)
    Strike Gundam (?)
    Stargazer Gundam (?)
    Ground Combat Gundam/
    Ez-8 Gundam
    0 Gundam grey scale colour (phase shift down colour) or 0 Gundam Type A.C.D (that look like RX-78 Gundam)
    Super Gundam (RX-178 Gundam MK II Only)
    Guntank (?)
    Deathscythe Hell Custom
    Musha Z Gundam (?)
    Musha ZZ Gundam (?)
    Musha Nu Gundam (?)
    Musha Exia Gundam (? - maybe/maybe not "what if")
    Gundam Heavy-Arm Custom
    Gundam SandrockCustom
    Altron Gundam Custom (Nataku Gundam)
    Tallgeese 1 or 3

    there may be more to come to research so I will keep in touch@

    Added Information:
    due to some update there will additions
    Freedom Gundam
    Justice Gundam
    Impulse Gundam (Force/Sword/Blaster)
    Providence Gundam
    Legend Gundam
    Wing Gundam (Original Version)
    Knight Gundam (also from SD Gundam Series) "if"
    Gundam MK III "what if"

    Additional Info I found:
    Strike Gundam (Aile/Sword/Launcher)
    Strike Rogue Gundam (Aile/I.W.A.P)
    Ageis Gundam
    Duel Gundam/Duel Gundam Assault-shroud
    Psycho Gundam MK II (BOSS Only Returning Boss from DW Gundam 2)
    M1 Astray
    Strike Dagger
    Zaku Warrior, Zaku Phantom, Zaku Slash, Gunner Zaku
    RX-78 Gundam Char Custom (what "if")
    Victory Gundam
    RX-78.1 Prototype Gundam (what "if")
    RX-78.3 Gundam G.3 (Gray colour)
    RX-78NT-1 Alex Gundam (0080 War in the Pocket)
    Akastuki Gundam (Switchable Tool) with beam reflect ability!
    NZ-666 Kshatriya

    Please yet me know if there is more coming@
    Addition information from SD Gundam Force (What If)

    Captain Gundam (Original/RX-78 GP01FB Custom)
    Zero the Wing Knight (Wing Gundam transform with the Feather Dragon into Wing Zero Custom
    Bakunetsumaru (with transformation into Burning Gundam)
    RX-78 GP04 Gerbera Gundam (that ever show on MS Gundam 0083) (SD Force/Dark Axis colour)
    Musha Daishinsho
    Deathscythe Hell Custom (with the Steel Dragon)
    GunEagle! (Nu Gundam with different Finn-Funnel)
    Perfect Gundam (Equipped with RX-78.2 Gundam)
    Full Amour Gundam (Equipped with RX.78.2 Gundam) (it will be green colour)
    Full Amour Nu-Gundam

    Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam): Original, 2nd, 3rd, Final and 100% Final Form MA/MS Mode + Danger Mode (Returning Boss from DW Gundam 2)
    please note: to show 100% Final Form watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam or play Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Vs Gundam or Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus (PSP - Japan Only, not koei related but capcom related for game design)

    I keeping touch for more update ^v^
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    Default Will there be a Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3?

    Well I was wondering; I've played Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and I enjoyed it! As repetive as it was it kept on being fun and thats good... So anyway what are your thoughts on this?

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    Default Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Serious Suggestion

    I suggest having Johnny Ridden playable. Most of the time in DWG2, he is hilarious especially when you rescue him he states that he's a "pain in the a**". I don't understand why have his MS playable in Dynasty Warriors: Gudam 2 but not have him playable, they had both Gyan and M'Quve, Gouf and Ramba Ral, Guncannon and Kai/Hayato, etc. But no Ridden? It'd be a swell improvement for DWG3, oh and the use of gato's gelgoog, which as far as i can remember was in the first dynasty warriors gundam game but didnt appear at all in the 2nd one. :? weird...? either I'd really like 2 see Ridden playable.

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