I redirect this topic to everyone who has ever played ninja gaiden sigma for PS3.

first I got a few bugs to report
* UT-bug: have 2 essences and I charge and I get a UT level 1 (2000 points)
* Awakened Alma bug: you get no points for killing her within the time limit
* Vigoor emperor first form: you get no points for killing him within the time limit
* Encounter bug: I always have this in chapter 2 at the second encounter that there is no time limit and no possibility to increase your score. Shortly said at the second encounter of ch2 the battle is not timed even when I do that encounter the first time.

second I wonder this:
* "normal": why is the 'lunar' to be found in chapter 4?
* "hard" & "very hard": why don't we get the 'nunchaku' along?
* "master ninja": why do we only get the 'dragon sword' and no 'nunchaku' and 'lunar'?

Does any administrator checks the NGS leaderboards because on normal difficulty there is a hacker with an impossible score.

I really love this game but those bugs and issues make me really sick. some people stopped playing this because of all those bugs and problems.

yours faithfully