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Thread: Is more DLC on the way?

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    Is the Japanese edition so different than the international edition?
    I hope for a sequel as this is my favorite game of the year so far.
    The only Dlc is a must for this version is a new costume for Shin! he looks like Liberache! The purple broom he got around his wrist would punch over the glass everytime he would reach for a drink LoL!

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    The International version is basically the western release with its updates back in japanese.

    This sold insanely well in JPN so a sequel is guaranteed. There will be a shin costume released within the next couple of weeks.
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    If the sequel can produce a slightly faster combat engine with the usual round of updates (characters, levels, signature moves) then I am sold....but to be honest even with only a few of these improvements I would mark out for a kens rage sequel.

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