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Thread: need help w/ Strengthen weapons abilities

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    Default need help w/ Strengthen weapons abilities

    DWSF seems to have a lackluster of information about alot of the game itself....

    ive been able to figure out the element definitions, thanx to the shop girl.
    I havent been able to find a list online anywhere pertaining to the definition of the Weapon Abilities.

    Theres some which im just real curious towards. Hit i assume gives you better accuracy vs opponent defense?
    And i assume Spec. Attack, Pwr. Attack, Reg. Attack increases the damage to those corrosponding attack types? So.... what does ATTACK do? Is it just damage all-around?
    If someone is able to answer, it would be greatly appreciated...

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    well, ok - investigating thru the Workshop & Store, i was able to answer my own question. No one's dropped any answers yet surprisingly.

    Here's the list of abilities you can add/strengthen to your weapons. Listed as it appears in the "Add Ability" column at lv50. Im not sure if its 100% accurate but its better than nothing at all...

    Reg. Atk - Increases regular attack damage
    Resist - Increases damage resistance ability
    Def. - Increases defense ability
    Range - Increases attack range of weaponry
    Earth - Adds & improves the chance of "HEAVY" effect
    Pwr Atk - Increases Strong/Charge attack damage
    Move - Increases character movement speed
    Fire - Adds & increases "FIRE" proc damage
    Metal - Adds & increases "STUN" proc damage
    Musou - Increases damage of Musou attack
    Hit - Improves the chance of doing a critical hit
    Stun - Adds & improves the chance of doing a "STUN" effect
    Light - Adds & increases "LIGHT" proc damage
    Attack - Increases overall attack damage
    Spec. Atk - Increases Special attack damage
    Water - Adds & increases "ICE" proc damage
    Dark - Adds & increases "Dark" proc damage
    Fury Atk. - Increases fury attack damage
    Atk Spd - Increases attack speed of weapon
    Luck - Improves chances of loot/spoils drops
    Wood - Adds & increases "POISON" proc damage

    Note#1 - i believe you'll need the STUN ability to reap any benefit from the METAL ability? Plz clarify this if im wrong - havent experimented with this.

    Note#2 - Some of the "proc"s can & will get in conflict with each other, or with other "effect" types. Either one will wholly cancel out the other or seem to diminish their chance of "proc"ing.

    When stacking up Proc/effect abilities w/ each other, save first before adding new abilities and trying them out
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