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Thread: Thoughts on DOA D after all previews

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    Yes, it's really grown. I think it's by far the biggest team in Tecmo Koei now ^^

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    sweet, sounds like they need one more though lol.

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    nice points vert, you got the general idea of how the industry works haha. Each department is usually working on several things at once, and as , for example, the environment designers finish their work for Ni-oh they then move on to NG3.

    I certainly hope to see DOA5 before an NGP port of DOAD. I have both dimensions and 3ds pre-ordered and plan on getting an NGP as close to launch as possible. Who knows, we might see DOA5 as a multi plat with a PSP2 version, you know ?

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    Well for me ive alwasy thought the game was the way of rebooting the series, and not in the bad hollywood way. I mean we have Team ninja saying that DOAD is "one part of the reboot", so its only logical that by re-vamping the story, filling in all the potholes Itagaki left, and really solidifying the game engine for new players, they are opening the door for DOA5's success. But, as excited as i am for an announcement on 5, DOAD has me jumping with joy every day. Ive been waiting for a chance to play doa on a handheld, and even though i have the jp DOA1 on my psp, it was never enough lol.

    Im also very excited to see how many costumes each character has, all the unlockables, and the 5th secret character! whenever it comes out, i will be glued to it for months. Now just gotta figure out when the official release date is... i hope its sooner than may 17...

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