Since both are mergers; do you want a Team NINJA x Omega Force game to appear? I don't mean like Marvel vs Capcom, though as in Ninja Gaiden 3 having a weapon or character from Dynasty Warriors games?

I personally haven't played any Dynasty Warriors series and don't plan to and it wouldn't do anything much if there was a cross over.

I still do not understand that above news, though it sounds like any game both sub-diaries make will now be branded `Tecmo Koei Games` instead of Tecmo Koei/Koei Tecmo/KT/TK.
And does this mean that Team NINJA would have to work with Omega Force all the time?:/
That's farked up man..anyway this should be a good experience for Omega Force, they would get tips on making good polished games and how the big boys Team NINJA work!