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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Honda View Post
    I hope you remembered to fill out the post-game survey for Nioh, Andreas Your feedback would have made its way directly to the development team ^_^

    The survey is closed now, but I hope they got lots of good feedback. The game was fun, hard as hell for me, but still fun nonetheless ^_^
    (I can not speak english well)

    This is for me very too sad, sadly, bad, pity
    In the last weeks I had no time, to filled out the NiOH survey during the game period. Therefore I written my suggestions and opinions about NiOH-Demo, here on the KOEI TECMO forums, and on the Koeiwarriors forums.

    Therefore I ask and beg you, to send my suggestions and opinions about NiOH-Demo, to the KOEI TECMO developers, and to the Team Ninja developers.

    Best Regards

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    @ Kou Shibusawa
    @ Hisashi Koinuma
    @ Yosuke Hayashi

    (I can not speak english well)

    I thank you all for the very good great game "NiOH".
    I think NiOH is one of the best KOEI TECMO games ever.

    Today I have seen on the internet two videos about NiOH.
    Here are the two videos:
    Nioh - All Main Missions Speedrun in 1:36:51
    Nioh - Oro's Infinite Living Weapon Build

    @ Developer
    @ Team Ninja

    Please fix and correct these too strong overpowered skills in NiOh!
    I think such strong overpowered skills should not exist in the game NiOh! This is not good! This reduces (decrease) the game-fun! Please fix this soon! Please Update this soon! Please patch this soon!
    This is very important!!!

    Best Regards


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    First of all! Thank you so much KoeiTecmo and Team Ninja for this awesome, very interesting and inspiring game. And one tiny question:
    Is their is a good manual for this game? I am playing PS4Pro version and I must admit that the official guide and Steam manual are both complete joke. Nioh needs some good and thorough manual because there are tons of things to do in this game.
    My complains regards to manual are following:
    1) It lacks description of items;
    2) It lacks description of skills;
    3) It lacks the description of some advanced game mechanics (like ki pulse, combos, gestures and etc).
    Thank you for you attention!

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