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Thread: What games are you currently playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvertongue View Post
    I think that's what stopped me from enjoying it, I found it quite hard.

    I got burnt out playing Persona 4 a few times. The end boss really did my head in.

    Anyway I've been playing bits of everything, I can't seem to stick to one game at the moment.

    Here are what I'm currently playing:

    .hack//Infection [again]
    Tales Of The Abyss
    Persona 2 Innocent Sin
    Samurai Warriors 3Z
    Rainbow Moon
    Dead Island
    Final Fantasy V
    Warriors Orochi 3

    Told you I couldn't stick to just one.
    Great list ) especially I liked Tales of the Abyss.

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    Hello everyone
    Used to be a fan of WoW but now switched to League of Legends. I believe this is because of Jessy, a coach I found at Gamersbay He is an awesome coach who discovered so many tricks I didn't even guess they existed. I regret I didn't have such a coach when I played a local WoW tournament half a year ago I am sure that I would have had much more chances to win!

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    Hi there )
    I also used to be a fan of WoW. Awesome game

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    I play only online games: CS and Dota2. Although the apocalypse game has just recently started to take place - dead stranding.

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