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Thread: G1 Jockey 2012?

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    Default G1 Jockey 2012?

    Is there any news as to whether a new G1 Jockey game will be out sometime soon, preferably for the Wii? The game has so much potential, it is actually making me angry that it hasn't already been created yet. Horse Racing is one of the worlds growing and most sustainable industries yet is being completely ignored at the moment by the gaming community. The things the game could encompass are;

    + All major horse racing venues across the world
    + Tournament settings for the major world meetings, including Royal Ascot, the Cheltenham festival, the Dubai World Cup, Kentucky derby meetings etc
    + Career modes in all major career opportunities (jockey, trainer, owner), including all major riders and stables in the world today (race as Dettori for Bin Suroor, or as yourself for wee Betty's horse down the road)
    + Bloodstock - chance to breed, sell and buy
    + Proper commentary from proper commentators across the world
    + Race night mode - opportunity to watch random horse racing for betting purposes for charity race nights

    The game's potential is endless. Is anyone at TECMO working on this??? Please tell me the good news. Bring me on board as a consultant if you want, all I want is a world class Horse Racing game for a World Class passtime!

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    Have actually posted this in the KOEI bit instead, apologies for the TECMO bit.

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