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Thread: Arcana Hearts 3

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    I got the game a few days ago myself, and I like it so far ;). I've mostly been playing offline and got most of the offline trophies, but yesterday I tried going online and my first match was against someone with over 1000 matches played and 90+% win rate...

    I still haven't picked a main though, so I think I'll do that and practice a bit before I go back online. If anyone wants to play sometime, feel free to add me, my PSN ID is "DemoNova".

    Edit: I finally got all offline trophies. Some of them were very annoying though, especially the one where you need to use the ultimate version of Shunkoku. I can't imagine anyone ever doing that in a real match. So, now I just need 4 online trophies to get the platinum, but 2 of them seem very time-consuming.
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