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Thread: Lu Bu Theme "Re-imagining"

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    Default Lu Bu Theme "Re-imagining"

    I was sitting at my home studio and randomly thinking about how awesome Lu Bu's theme is and all the music in the Dynasty Warriors series, decided to have a go at making my own using the main riff.
    Threw in some quotes too

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    Cool. Take out the quotes, otherwise it's pretty catchy, but too consistent. Extend it with it's length, but put in it's strongest section.

    For example listen to Intense Collision, it's all kind of nothing that special until 1:50 onwards and it's best at 2:25:

    The song itself (Intense Collision) seems really busy and a bit harder to follow than most DW music. So I just think your version needs another part which sounds either quick or different from the rest maybe.

    Another example is Lu Bu's Beat Mix theme which has many sections. It's very popular and normal for him to have great music, so they make sure it's very exciting and noticeable as possible. It's pretty much a staple of DW's music and used for promotional use.

    I hope this helps.

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    hey these look amazing

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