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Thread: DOA Dimension Banned for "child pornography" in Sweden

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying DOA is a bad fighting game or anything but it's just nice to have that little something that sticks out, you know? Maybe they're just sticking to what they're already good with instead of taking a risk in an already unstable economy, especially in Japan.

    As for the sales numbers, there's been very little (if any?) advertisement done for Dimensions, at least I haven't seen anything regarding it other than an announcement on this forum so that might explain its low sales numbers over here. How well do other fighting games on handhelds sell anyway?

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    Why not just advance the timeline for the next release so the women are all over 18.
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    It's not countries in Europe that have banned DOA D, but Australia really did it poorly, they released it & then they pulled it from the shelves, personally if I worked for TecmoKoei, I would sue the media outlets & the governments that are referring to the content of this game as "Child Pornography", because not only is it false, it seems really insulting, because they're essentially calling TecmoKoei's employees & customers pedophiles, without using the word themselves.

    Oh well, due to the way Australia's laws work, I can legally import it from a country within the PAL area when I get a 3DS later on in the year.

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