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    I'm new to the forums but a long-time Koei fan (I fondly remember playing Dynasty Warriors 3 with my friends). I've recently been playing some of the new Koei games, and I'm a big fan of Ken's Rage. It might seem slow at first but you quickly become accustomed to the pace of the game and realize its depth.

    One thing I miss in this game (and many other Koei games except XL/SW games) is the ability to reset a character. It would be great to be able to play co-op with a friend with "level 1" characters without having to start a new save (especially since you lose characters when starting a new save).

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    I definitely agree this would be a great option in a patch.

    I really doubt it will be added though.
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    I don't believe they will add it to this game, either. It was meant more as a suggestion for the next "Fist of the North Star" game, if they even make one. In fact, a suggestion to Koei games in general.

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