I nearly lost it when I saw the ENTIRE SERIES is on Steam!!!! I've wanted the games
on 1 easy to use platform and here they are! Problem is, I only know 2 languages
(despite wanting to learn Japanese, very badly) and so I found my way here to ask
and plead for English patches. I'm ready willing and somewhat able to start buying
the games but I need to know that I'll be able to play them in English. I wonder
if Nobunaga's Ambition will get the same treatment? Both are great series, but NA
got even less english releases and that should be fixed IMHO.

Strategy gamers are fewer but we're more dedicated. I first played RotTK 2 on my SNES
and I fell in love. Can't imagine how long I spent playing it.

Thanks for reading this and I hope someone knows or a developer responds with info
on this!