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Thread: What do you wish to have in DW7 Empire?

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    Talking What do you wish to have in DW7 Empire?

    i am one of many people that like to play empire version of dynasty warrior game

    so i just thing all night that what they will put in dynasty warior7 empire

    what i wish is

    1. edit mode
    it so wonderful to put yourself in dynasty warrior and make your legend right?

    2. event(married)
    i also like to play Dynasty warrior 6 empire because it can married with girl from dynasty warrior (just make me shy to say= =) and another event is very good too i like when play and lubu betray me it make me feel like it a real war

    3. ending edit
    i like this mode very much but what i wish koei to do more is let us can put edit character in ending edit mode. i just think that sometime i want to see mine edit character walk with lord cao cao or lord liu bei too please koei make my dream came true

    4. in xbox plese T T

    What do you wish too have more of i wish in Dynasty warrior 7 empire?

    comeon just shere what you wish^^

    do someone know koei e-mail i think i will sent this all to koei hehe
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    Talking What I would like to see

    I think Dynasty warriors should take a page from Empires total wars book and allow to construct your empire. Have a map that actually looked like China instead of a flat rainbow. You should get armies lead by your officer to actually move across the map with their speed affected by force strength, transport and terrain(mountain slow road fast etc.) Be able to research technology. Keep cards their very unique. Prepare tactics before battle (more in depth). Councils should be more advanced and quick versions for online play.

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    It would be nice if they release to xbox, and re-add the battles of the events. exemple: in the Yellow Turban Scenario, after a turn, the battle from the original game, in the case, DW7, occurs... like DW5 mode...

    FREE MODE PLEASE! for custom battles and original battles...

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    I'd love more marriage events!
    Also, it'd be neat to make your own levels.. even if it was from ready-made pieces, it might be fun to create your own castle or your own battlefield...

    (yes please Xbox~!!)

    More create-a-warrior modes can only be a good thing in my book! I really enjoy making characters and then playing around with movesets...

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    I have some ideas about DW7E and the first one 1st) is the players personal troops.In some legends battle in conquest mode player got his own troops (ex. Yuan Shao's 2ons legendary battle [ reclaim the imerial seal] you've got 5 squads following you around, Zhuge Dan's last legendary battle [the rebelion against sima zhao] you've got 3 squads following you around]) in this battle i felt like officer so i think it would be good at DW7E the player to have his own troops as all the AI officers. For that we could probably have better AI.
    2ond) Policies system or town building system (as SW3E) but please no Card system again like DW6E
    3rd) CAW
    4th) to be able to release a tactick where exatly you want ex the player will be able to spawn the ambush troops where he wants and what troops will be included (Cavalry or archers)
    5th) More strategy during the battle ex have hiden officers and summon them in the battlefield whenever you like, call for reinforcements when you think you need them. I think it would be best if this is added, the dificulty level will play a crutial role on how the enemy uses these strategies
    EDITED: some more ideas
    6th) 2 player offline empires mode (one will have his dynasty and the other one will have another dynasty ex 1P Lie Bei 2P Sun Quan) if the one player attacks on the other player area then the two players are gonna fight each other and the most cunning and skilled is gonna win .
    7th) The battlefield enviroment will chance based on the season ex in the battle of He Fei at winder it will have a snowy battlefield and in summer a sunny day e.t.c

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    I think Dynasty warriors should take a page from Empires total wars book and allow to construct your empire.

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    Can they make it so that the event battles are based around what I'm doing. That way if I defeat Dong Zhou before the Battle of Hu Lao Gate then change who the target is (Even offer me a chance to kidnap the Emperor myself?)
    Let me choose when to defect!
    Become a prefect when serving an officer and be put in charge a single region under a ruler.
    Vagrants can just travel the land and joining in battles between officers (for a fee?)
    More control over who your friends are and having it make a difference (When your in trouble)
    Having to actually improve your provinces between battles, as your land becomes bigger your officers get these responsibly.
    Being able to suck up to/Criticise your ruler.
    More policies to choose from that aren't officer specific.
    Officers in battle are more like the Create a Character from DW5XL (One of the best play types in DW history) So you start small (private serving under a famous officers) and as you gain rank you can use tactics in battle (Fire attack, Sneak attack, barrage but hopefully they can add some for strong characters or fast such as assassination or halting an advancing enemy by yourself)
    More for strategists so they don't find themselves fighting as much as the strong officers (Maybe they offer stat boosts to other officers?)
    Don't show my where the enemy are until they are closer (Like fog of war in many RTS games)

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    Default What do you wish to have in DW7 Empire?

    I would like to see an expansion of the stratagy in the game. Like three party battles. The placement of certain stratagies like ambush. The timing when calling for reinforcements and to where. subterfuge stratagies for certain units.

    A CAW expansion, I loved the choices in 6E would like to see more.

    Perhaps a meter like the morale meter but using momentum(got an officer that just beat three officers in a row, his confidence is going to be huge)

    Definitely bring a few bits of city building or decision making policies.....but not so as to render the ROTK series moot. perhaps a little diplomacy (for those three party battles)

    Don't be afraid to make it challenging, we like to work our way to strength.

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    1. People should die of old age/illness/killed on battlefield, I liked that in DW5E/ROTKXI, its a good idea.
    2. Rulers should die at their actual times and then people should succeed them.
    3. DW5E style for setting officers into a province, except they should have an optional ability to defend themselves whilst you're away fighting other campaigns.
    4. Play as either a ruler, who can be succeeded by a child etc., or as an officer in a ruler's army, you can get promoted but you can't become the ruler, unless your in line to follow someone (eg Cao Pi to Cao Cao). Then as a ruler you can select which forces to have in a battle (offensive or defensive if you choose not to have automatic defense) and play as any one of those officers you want, whereas as an officer you can make friends/sworn siblings who you can change with in a city (like in DW Strikeforce)
    5. Free officers should be non-playable until you hire them into your force, and you should be able to hire them directly like in DW5E.
    6. More places to conquer!
    7. More scenarios, preferably Yellow Turban Rebellion, Dong Zhuo period, Lu Bu in Xia Pi, Guan Du, Pre-Chi Bi (Liu Bei in Jing), Chi Bi/Tong Gate, Liu Bei invading Shu, Mt Ding Jun/He Fei, Fan Castle/Yi Ling, Nanman, Wu Zhang Plains, Shu post-Zhuge Liang.
    8. Keep the city element from DW7, just expand it a bit more.
    9. Choose background music!
    10. More strategies etc. like in DW5E, including battle strategies and alliances.
    11. Battles shoud have outcomes/follow up battles, especially the major ones, eg if there is a battle at Fan Castle then it should lead to war between Shu/Wu etc.

    So yeah, thats quite a lot, but really it should skip most of the DW6E elements, go back to more DW5E and be a bit more like ROTK.

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    I'd like the ending edit thing to be back and maybe the chance to hold parties in when you are not in a battle

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