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Thread: DW - Empires - Suggestions/Requests

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    The videos above are DW7
    Today i get WO 3.

    Played WO 1 Shu and SW
    WO 2 only Shu it would take days besides school and stuff to play all.

    i guess u have a onboard card? onboard is not recommend i say. i got my gaming PC from good connections only 600€ but can play everything on ultra.

    i spoiler'd the music.. not all but some. some good remixes from old DW ^.^

    We srsly need Story making - Map editor & cutscene editor. making storys in more stages than one.
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    Imma be getting DW8 soon in store 2 and a half weeks?

    they should put the other two WO games on PS Store as PS2 classics tho

    PS Store Europe has a **** load of Warriors game, ******* unlucky ass people on the US store end for us ;/

    my video card is not for gaming i think, so I need new pc to play games... if I get gaming pc for 800 dollars... it should work

    and yes I saw the music they remix'd [king of sadness]... the old one is still better tho

    and yes I agree about the story making, map editor and cutscene editor.. I thought that was in WO3... but I was wrong

    battlefield 'maker' was a joke, we need Infamous 2 style editor yaknowwhatimean?
    Kakashi is hot.

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