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    Hello Koei!

    I am a player from Brazil, already playing the series since the Playstation 2 and for more than one month I'm playing Dynast warriors next to PS Vita, however mode coalition have no players near my house, only distances greater than 500 miles , I would like the koei would release an update for the game, for this you can use the adhoc party, which is a software already available on psn, but can only be used in compatible games, please would you complete the achievements of the coalition mode, but without your help it will be impossible. grateful

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    Koei has shitty multiplayer and people think CoD is bad.
    Kakashi is hot.

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    In Brazil when something like that is out of protest, I believe the game's multiplayer can be fun and there are options to improve it as adhoc party, I have no pretension to continue to buy the games in the series if not improve this service and would other players to follow me in this endeavor.


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    I think DW Next isn't enough to make DW develops on Vita. You can play Campaign Mode as well, but with Conquest Mode, it will be the huge disappointment. I prefer playing DW5 Empires than wasting my time on Conquest Mode. If Koei wants to cherish their loyal fans, they must bring Empires to Vita instead of "greenhorn" DW Next. Empires is the wonderful version, why don't they pay attention on it?

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