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Thread: DLC missing from EU PSN Store + MISC ??

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    Default DLC missing from EU PSN Store + MISC ??


    I have the EU version of this game and when I went to the EU PSN Store to grab the other 5 bonus stages I noticed that ALL of the DLC is now removed from the store. Can anyone explain why this was removed and if it will be re-added to the store?

    Also would my EU save file transfer over the american version since the DLC is still available for that version?

    thanks in advance.

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    It probably was removed by sony either by some update or glitch it does happen somtimes,
    or koei may have requested it to be removed the only way to be sure is to email Sony or Message Koei on twitter or facebook

    And the second question unfortunatly thats a no. DLC is region locked and a save form an EU wouldnt work on a US game
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