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Thread: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

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    Got my copy of this game. Having so much fun with it. Level 100 miasma in Gauntlet Mode is insane O_o

    If you have the PS3 version and are having difficulty with WO3 DLC transferring over, delete the game install of the original WO3, then re-download all of your purchased DLC. When you boot WO3U back up after that, the DLC will be there. This method worked for me. For reference, I had already transferred my WO3 game save and started playing before I was told about this and fixed the DLC.

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    Could we get a limited physical release of the game? Maybe you could even arrange with NISA to have a certain amount of Premium Box sets simialr to the japanese limtied edition on their online store?

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    I would love to try it!

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