While i realise there are probably numerous posts on this topic i have to say i am way to frustrated to search plus i wanted to vent, because this really is retarded.
I have google searched this boss problem i obliterated the octobot / spider bot, then i get through to this dude in the house he
was a bitch to get outside and ever since i got him outside i cant touch him. I try the lay in wait approach 3rd combo move then attack with Y button (xbox 360)
it barely makes a dent in his health and im running around like a retard trying not to take a hit cause i cant even block his moves propperly
surely that is not part of this game and its on normal mode am i missing something here ?
I am thinking not to easy not to hard first play through and bam this is redonkulous if my nieghbours could play back a recording
i am pretty sure it would sound like i was seriously abusing someone with the rage i got going on wtf is up with this game ?

EDIT (2nd boss white mask dodgy looking sword red cape, pretty sure he thinks he is superman)