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Thread: Is there a patch for Dynasty Warriors 6

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    Default Is there a patch for Dynasty Warriors 6

    I bought Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PC a long time ago and pretty much just put it in a box because it was broken. I mean I couldn't even play.
    A computer upgrade later I decided to give it another try and I can get it to work, but I can't rebind the left and right axis on my right joystick (I'm using an Xbox 360 controller), so the camera is completely unmanageable.

    What's more, during combat I have an issue where enemies disappear due to an arbitrarily set limit on the number of units that can appear on the screen. I understand this was made for console but my PC can handle a lot more than a PS2 could and I'd like to adjust it, unfortunately "Many" just doesn't cut it.

    I love this game and I love Dynasty Warriors but I hate how horrible a job they did with the port. One reason Koei won't port to PC now is because the last port went over so poorly, but if you release such a broken port and won't even patch it of course it's going to go poorly, of course that will effect sales. No one wants to buy a broken game that a lot of people can't even play, they pull it off the shelves in stores and people see issues on the forum and decide against buying it. One of the reasons it got such bad reviews on average was because of this, the port was just terrible. Koei shouldn't just look at how badly Dynasty Warriors 6 did on PC and assume we don't want Dynasty Warriors, they should look at how bad a job the people handling the port did and find a more reliable company to port their games, and put them on Steam!

    So my question is, did they ever get around to fixing the broken product they sold me? Because I can't find a patch anywhere.
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