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Thread: Samurai Warriors 2

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    I think it's the best Samurai Warriors title to date, the gameplay in particular is vastly superior then the first. While you can debate some story modes etc all day long really, but when I think of the first I just think of Hideyoshi the tool crapping on about building a castle in a day. I wanted to go and kill him - even though he was my ally, that was so damn annoying!

    But SW2, awesome to play, it also was the first to toss the useless bow out the window for some new unique special attacks, which helped give all the characters even more individuality.

    And of course SW2 introduced Sakon.

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    Well, I only have SW2 so I can't really compare it to anything else.

    Also, I need a little help with it. I'm playing on the PS2.

    What is the purpose of the stamina bar on horses, and if it has one how do I use it?

    How do i climb ladders? I tried all the buttons on the controller but not a single one worked.

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    did anybody installed patch v1.1.0.0 for pc>?

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