Dear any Dynasty Warriors fans, taking requests this week on custom opening edit uploads for Dynasty Warriors 2! Basically you pick the characters, I'll record it and upload as 'Dynasty Warriors 2 - *your name*'s Opening Edit'!

Here's an example!

Video Slots to fill
Scene 1: 1 Slot (Demonstrating weapon)
Scene 2: 2 Slots (Fight between)
Scene 3: 1 Slot (Enemy attacks and character counters attack)
Scene 4: 2 Slots (Character one charges through enemies destroying them then character 2 rests their foot on the head of a fallen one)
Scene 5: 1 Slot (Dodging arrows then pose)
Scene 6: 1 Slot (Poses infront of forces emblem)
Scene 7: 7 Slots (Character one is displayed leading character two and three across sand plains then character four is seen leading character two and three into battle against character five, six and seven)
Scene 8: 3 Slots (Character one fends off enemies with large pike, character two fends off enemies with short sword and character three fends off enemies with two short swords)
Scene 9: 3 Slots (Character one (must be a force leader) appears infront of force emblem then character two and three appear either side of one as camera zooms out)
Scene 10: 3 Slots (Character one, two and three demonstrate weapons in sucession)

Simply fill the character slots using the character below, only rule is there cannot be a repeated character in a scene, game doesn't allow it.

Character list:
Shu Force:
Zhao Yun
Guan Yu
Zhang Fei
Huang Zhong
Ma Chao
Zhudge Liang
Jiang Wei
Liu Bei

Wei Force:
Xiahou Dun
Dian Wei
Xu Zhu
Xiaohou Yuan
Zhang Liao
Sima Yi
Cao Cao

Wu Force:
Zhou Yu
Lu Xun
Taishi Ci
Lu Meng
Gan Ning
Sun Shang Xiang
Sun Jian
Sun Quan

Other Forces:
Lu Bu
Diao Chan
Dong Zhuo
Yuan Shao
Zhang Jiao