hi hope this is right place. i need some help with horse abilities and traits. i think there was some place in the manual for g1 jockey 5 on ps2 which explained something about some traits and what they did, but now we have abilities which are triggered in race too. some like home turn leader i understand and how to trigger them but others (like from outside) dont seem ever to work? and its only the easiest ones i can train a bred horse to have like start dash if i train a horse for positive start trait. so is there some place i can read an explanation of traits like spurt, fade etc and how they work, and how abilities are triggered and what i need to do to train a horse to have them?
i have bred horses in 2 careers and some abilities are still ??? because i dont know what i did to get them and cannot trigger them in race. thanks in advance for any help on all this stuff. i love the game (also love samurai warriors and dynasty warriors series especially empires games, and was devastated when SW3 didnt come out on xbox), but this ??? ability stuff is drivin me nuts!