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Thread: DW7 for PC in EU?

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    Default DW7 for PC in EU?

    any chance of Dynasty Warriors 7 for PC in EU?

    and does TECMO KOEI plans to release more games for PC?

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    Sorry but currently there's no known information about an overseas release. Although keep a look out, as this could change in the future, it will be announced if it does. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure why KOEI wouldn't want to sell this in the West.

    First of all, there's not that much work they have to do, since English translations for both DW7 and DW7XL are already available, and the same can be said for English voice overs.

    It's not like KOEI have something to lose, either. Digital distribution is pretty big for PC games here thanks to Steam, meaning they could just sell DW7+XL online and cut the costs for box+manual completely.

    Even then, I'm pretty sure they can only benefit from one such move, since a lot of people would want to play this game. Namely the poor sods who own a X360, plus everyone else who doesn't have a HD console. I only have a Wii, myself and, even though I played the (untranslated) PSP-only DW7 Special, I would gladly re-buy the whole thing for the better graphics, English menus, XL characters and DLC that don't require a PSN account.

    I dunno, this all seems kind of obvious to me, but this is the official KOEI portal in Europe and I didn't see anyone posting about this, so...
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