Hi there my name is Tommy and this is my first post in here nice to meet you all Uhm i am a bit concerned. I have preordered WO3 in the end but have been trying for a couple of months to preorder the Treasure Box edition. I only seem to find the japaneese version of it. I am guessing this means that the treasure box is not availible in Europe . This is a bit sad i think as i am living in UK at the moment and every time one of your games comes out (and what fantastic games they are too ) Europe seems to get almost nothing in collectors editions, treasure boxes or any extra materials while places like U.S and obviously Japan get loaded with goodies. All i got through my purchases so far is a costume from Fist of the North star and a DW7 exclusive pen . Why is it that it feels like Europe is forgotten on this? Oh and unless i order good games online it always seems like most of the stores down here only get 1 or 2 copies in their shelves before being sold out and have to wait for another order.

I am a huge fan of your titles and have been since DW2 on ps2. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing and hope that i will keep seeing amazing games like WO, DW and SW series keep coming out. Bit of a brag there but ill stay on topic.

Is there a way i can get hold of Warriors Orochi 3 treasure box or is that impossible to get for fans in Europe?