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Thread: `The Beast is Back`- is Ninja Gaiden (3) ruined or Improved

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    Question `The Beast is Back`- is Ninja Gaiden (3) ruined or Improved

    It's a shame I can't edit the title of the damn topic, because the first topic I created for DOA D was a mistake and I need to change it relating to this title.

    Anyway- is Ninja Gaiden (3) ruined by Hayashi or Improved?
    State your thoughts and them.

    I personally think it's improved! I am proud of what Hayashi is doing to the series. In terms of Hayashi calling `Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2's combat old` is actually true. When I observe new Hack n Slash titles coming out this 2011 such as Knights Contract, it's nothing more of Bayonetta+GOW= Knights Contract. But don't get me wrong, I will play the game.

    Observing the combat for the game brings nothing new and it's more of slashing an enemy by button inputs. Team NINJA will introduce a new way we can play Hack n Slash. Mind you a fan of hack n slash like myself is exicted for this because Ninja Gaiden 3 can be a genre redefine-r!

    Take VanQuisH for an example, not only is it just a Third Person Action Shooter, but it redefines the way we play third person shooter games by boost sliding across the map, strategic combat and use of real time weapons.

    Gears of War which copied Kill Switch's cover system, utilised the cover system so good and also introduced a new way of reloading. Now Gears is known for it's unique cover system whereas new generation gamers still say Gears invented the cover system.
    Uncharted 2 came out and used up all Third Person Shooter mechanics and defined the way we play 3rd Person shooters.

    Hayashi is intrigued by DmC and that gives him motivation to make Ninja Gaiden 3 spectacular. We don't know much about DmC however all we know is that it's currently a reboot; though what about the gameplay? is that a reboot too?

    Asura's Wrath another worthy Hack n Slash title to look forward to, we haven't seen the gameplay or know exactly how it plays, thus we do know it has something to do with statues bad blood.

    So how can Ninja Gaiden (3) be a genre changer? first it introduces `how to cut and feedback in cutting`. Everyone can already imagine how it plays which is by close point view when Ryu stabs a ninja, QTE button appears and you press button to cut the body different way.

    Mind you that is basically being negative and thinking inside the box. How about being positive and think outside the box?
    Hayashi stated that `you'll get a force feedback when you cut a flesh`, what's a feedback? Vibration feedback or button display feedback?
    I can imagine this way- camera zooms in as Ryu stabs a ninja, you'll get a vibration feedback, use the Analogue to move the path of the sword in the body, upon moving the analogue you get more feedback and the vibration can increase or decrease depending on how you cut the body.

    Anyone played Dead Space 2?

    Look at how Isaac hacks the control panel. When ever the blue light comes up, the controller vibrates very high, if it goes to the red light the controller vibrates very less and if no light the controller barley vibrates. You use the analogue stick to move the cursor.

    Sorry but this is the best picture I could get.

    Now imagine the Silver White guy is Ryu stabbing the character in black armour.
    Over the Shoulder camera- you'll get a force feedback on how you move the analogue stick, analogue represents the sword. So you can title the analogue/sword upwards and Ryu will slash the ninja vertical.

    If only Metal Gear Solid: Rising is a Hack n Slash focus based then that would definitely be an Hack n Slash sub genre change because it introduces `How to and what Way to cut an enemy`.  2721

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    I think its a little early to say much of anything because we have only seen that one image. But a lot of what you are saying is very true. My take on this so far is that NG3 is on the edge of a cliff. However! Hayashi proved himself to the pro DOA players jsut a few days ago with the loketest. My faith in him, because of my understanding of the industry and what makes a good director, hasnt wavered. Instead he really showed what he is made of, and how much care he will take with the franchises we love. Many thought that DOAD might be changed or ruined because we didnt have itagaki at the helm, people where afraid of drastic changes or poor judgment, and now the only thing that seems to have changed is that certain characters now have projectile attacks or teleports, the rest is all improvement on the aspects that make DOA, DOA.

    My respect for hayashi doesnt mean that the man is infallible, some of the statements he made on NG3 are so vague that i can imagine NG being completely bastardized. I personally dont think that NG is derivative at all, no other hack and slash game follows its footsteps or handles the genre quite like NG. Everyone else uses the camera setup and basic gameplay of God of War. DmC is going to follow that because God of War got its core mechanics from DMC in the first place. Ninja theory has yet to do anything particularly amazing, or anything that isnt God of war with a different art style. But thats what worries me, GoW is this generation's understanding of hack and slash gameplay. Older gamers prefer NG typically, but the current "breed" passes it up as an old game.

    Im quite concerned that the camera system, QTE segments and general combat mechanics of NG will be lost in favor of the God of War style. DOAD puts my mind at ease a little, but Hayashi has made more noise about NG than he did about DOA. There are several things they can do to make NG a worthy successor, without hurting the fanbase.

    - active/live cutting like Metal Gear Rising.
    - keep the "follow" camera system of past NGs
    - more acrobatic moves/ wall running
    - special kills depending on angle of attack , kinda like Tenchu's stealth kills
    - adding stealth aspects to the game
    - implement more of the DOA style counter system

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    I just hope that they've fixed the only problem I found with past 2 NG games, which was the game's story, it seemed full of holes & failed to make much sense, but going by the trailer I've seen, the story seems to make a lot more sense, as well as new & modified gameplay mechanics compared to it's previous titles, but I still can't figure out how the Ultimate Technique works now, I know cutting enemies infulences it in some way, but that's all I know.

    Although the trailer only shows Ryu wielding the Dragon Sword, I hope they still keep the usual arsenal of weapons that have appeared in previous titles.

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    as I predicted, some of my predictions were true.
    The game is definitely improved and not ruined!

    Although I'm a bit disappointed by the hack n slash combat 2.0 Hayahsi was talking about since he said original hack n slash combats are old system.  2721

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    I just watched gameplay footage from the e3 showfloor demo and it definitely looked as good as Sigma 2 but with more impressive camera motion. Gameplay looked the same -which is good awesome- but with new combo and exploration move. Art direction seems to have improved a lot too. Anyway, I just passed to see if a collector's edition was planned and saw the game is planned for spring 2012. I'll check back later. All my support to Team Ninja.

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    I'm so fascinated with this games, I already a bunch of them on my shelf but can't find time to play those games.... because of my consultation job.


    Learn the ABC'S on how to talk to girls.

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    Now the game is out, and it's a piece of crap. Goodbye weapons, goodbye items, goodbye challenging fights, goodbye strategy, now its all about kill enemies and pass to next stage.
    Hayashi you are a retard, bring Itagaki back please... or not, because Itagaki is in a better place working in a great project with much more resources, everybody gets what deserves.

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    Yeah doesn't that very heavily contradict the whole "killing is baaad, mkay?" message that's laying eggs in Ryu's arm?

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