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Thread: Musou Battlefield Officer Replacement Confusion

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    Default Musou Battlefield Officer Replacement Confusion

    Ok, seriously confused... when I replace officers on musou battlefields of Orochi 3, it not only leaves the character's name as that of the original officer I'm replacing, but leaves all their basic voice lines (not the replacable ones, just the ones like when you confront them) in place. It's really, really annoying, and I have no idea if it's a glitch or intended. If it's intended, then personally I find it a little stupid. If it's a glitch... it really needs sorting out. Anyone know if it's supposed to be happening? (If it helps, I've got it on 360, not PS3)

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    Hey, i have the same problem on the ps3.
    I think this is not a glitch...

    Sorry for my bad english~
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