Musou Battlefields is a very interesting mode, with many good and bad things.


- You can replace any officer.

- The unit types can be changed.

- All battlefields and songs can be freely selected.

- You can weaken the morale of the enemy and strengthen or other "ability's". The same for our own army and third army.

- Time limit can be selected.

- You can switch the change lines whit finish comments.


The cost for the change of officers. A maximum of 5 can be changed.

The unit types can be changed but not the base captain. And many units do not change their type and remain Orochi Soldier for example.

If you change an officer, the old name from the real officer is still over the officer and in the army info.

You can not make a comment about your own created map. You can just take a finish one.

- The most ability's just make your enemy stronger or weaker, or something like that. There is only one skill for his team and nothing for the third army.

- No own Change Lines, like "Lu Bu says: I will kill you, Sun Jian".

(The Musou Battlefields are still awesome but its need more features~)

Sorry for my bad english!