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Thread: WO3 received very good Review scores!

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    Default WO3 received very good Review scores!

    IGN gives very good Review score for "Warriors Orochi 3".
    Also a lot of another gaming sites gives very good review scores for Warriors Orochi 3.

    Here is the list:
    IGN: 8.5 (85%) 8.5 (85%)

    Game Vortex: 95%

    Eurogamer: 80% 85%

    DD: 5/5 (100%) A- (90%)

    EDGE: 70%

    Capsule Computers: 90%

    Mondo XBOX: 83%

    SelectButton: 8.5 (85%)

    I think, Warriors Orochi 3 has received the best Review scores, since Dynasty Warriors 3.



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    I agree and it is a really good game, I just wish the reviews I read said more on the fact that there was no english voice overs, most of the reviews I read skipped that part.

    But it is a good game fully deserves the praise it is getting.

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    Okay i never base buying a game based of a review but i'll need to get WO3 at some point
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    WO3 is one of THE best additions to the Warriors franchise. It's a definite must buy and the reviews are very well deserved. As for no English voice overs it just adds to the experience. Whenever there is a Japanese voice over option I always choose it [unless it's Hyperdimension Neptunia then I select English as the Japanese is way to squealy]. Also as I've played through SW3Z and MOZ it just seems more natural to me. When I hear the English I just think meh and switch to Japanese.
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