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Thread: Please make NES-style sequel

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    Default Please make NES-style sequel

    I don't care where, XBox Live Arcade/Virtual Console/PC, wherever. If you guys make a game exactly like what Ninja Gaiden 1/2 for the NES were but with new content, I will buy it at virtually any price within reason.

    There's precedent for this. Mega Man 9/10 for the Virtual Console / Live Arcade were built exactly like the warm blanket of nostalgia Mega Man 2 represented for so many but with new content. I don't know how they did financially, but 9 can't have been too bad if they elected to make 10.

    People speed-run the NES-era NG titles at the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event (which raised $1mil for cancer last year) every year. People still love and play those titles. Time for NES-era Hayabusa to get the Mega Man 9 treatment that he has deserved for so long.

    The arcade-style mode included in Yaiba that paid tribute to the original arcade game indicates you guys are aware this fanbase exists. Please throw a bone to those of us who consider NES-era NG the best platformer ever.

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    I haven't personally played any of the newer NG games, but I played the hell out of NG2 on the NES. Such a classic.

    A downloadable version on PSN/Xbox Live Arcade/Nintendo eShop would be awesome.

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