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Thread: Dynasty Warriors 9

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    Default Dynasty Warriors 9

    I'm suprised no one is talking about it. Can't wait to see how awesome it is.
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    Me too, I'm really interested in the this open world idea. After I played the amazing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which could be said that some gameplay elements it's like Dynasty Warriors game, but just on much smaller scale. And after I saw trailers for games like Final Fantasy XV, or Metal Gear Solid V, both open world games with great mechanics and features, I really think that Omega Force could pull it off, and if they do it right, it can possibly be objectively the best Dynasty Warriors game date, no doubt, I'm so excited just thinking about it! haha.

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    Been playing Dynasty Warriors 9 since the day that my friend was playing and yesterday I started playing Dynasty Warriors 9 trial and have brought 2 characters like Lu Lingqi and Xingcai now I’m playing Lianshi as of today I will be able to finish her and moving onto Ma Chao also I want Lu Bu to be the next free character.

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    Question Request for Help at Dynasty Warriors 9, please.

    Request for Help at Dynasty Warriors 9:

    RT [COLOR=var(--font-color) !important]@KOEITECMOUS[/COLOR]
    : Excuse me, but so please let me capture a Giant Panda Bear at #DW9 ASAP, okay? Amen! #PS4share

    P.S. Where and how could I capture both Pandas and Elephants
    at #DW9 exactly and precisely, please?
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