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Thread: So how is everyone these days?

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    Default So how is everyone these days?

    Long time no see.

    I've mainly been on my channel and working on my youtube. Link here.

    I was thinking of starting a blog or something, but I haven't done that yet. Still mainly been playing PS3 and Vita and decided I want to play all my games on those before I bother with PS4.

    Recently been playing Toukiden Kiwami and I will be starting to play DW: Strikeforce which I hadn't bothered with previously. I still need to plat DW8, PW2/3 and Kens Rage 2. So still been playing my Koei games, need to play through the Atelier games to, I have them, but have only finished off Atelier Ayesha.

    So what you been up to and what you been playing?
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    Long time no see indeed :P

    I've also been playing my PS3/Vita library of KT games lately.

    On the PS3, I got my platinum on SW4 earlier this year and returned to WO3U to try and platinum that game as well. Most of my time has been spent on WO3U, actually, as there's still plenty to do. I need to collect all the Duel Mode cards and complete all of the Gauntlet Mode stages/requests and I'll have it. I took a break last week and played the SW4 DLC stages I bought last year, finally XD

    On the Vita, been playing Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 exclusively. I'm trying to work on clearing every stage Objective, but have been struggling to trigger many of them. It was much easier in SW4 as every stage gave you the recommended character selection, so triggering unique Objectives was pretty much use everyone on the list. The only guides out there are in Japanese, so I'm lost most of the time =/

    So yea, these two have dominated my game time, but I'd like to pick up something else down the road. Just not sure what yet :P

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    Good thank you, and if you see this, good luck with your channel!

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