Hello there,

I game on the Playstation 4 & I am a huge fan of all games that come from Koei Tecmo. I play Warriors Orochi 4 and I love that we can play online with other people but setting up a online session publicly cannot be done for me.
Within the first week after purchasing Warriors Orochi 4 I tried the network online to play any level publicly in that first week it would take 2 minutes to connect and I would be able to create a public session. Now I am in my second week trying to connect to create public session and this week each day I try I am just stuck on the spinning wheel for over an hour each day I have tried.

I live in NY and have verizon quantum fios my internet is not slow, I am reporting this information in hope that there may be adjustments made to make creating public sessions faster since I do not know where the server is located that we connect to on the PS4. I like to create events in communities to invite other fans of Warriors Orochi 4 to online co-op to help encourage more people to play online and get people leveled up. I hope this message will help with adjusting whatever latency the server may have that transfers this information to the PS4 then our locations. I would like to also be able to join people I am not sure if people play online or if this is another latency issue. In my attempts to join people online as far as coop goes I have only found one person to join in the 2 weeks I have been playing.

Maybe people are more into battle arena and that's why I can't find sessions for coop when I choose any level & any difficulty I do not know if we are region locked to play online with people only in the US or not but something needs to be done so connection performance is more better.