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Thread: Dynasty warriors 9 ideas!!!!!!

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    Default Dynasty warriors 9 ideas!!!!!!

    Been a dw game player since the 2nd dw. Been a fan since then, i can speak for everyone when i say lately the games have felt a bit dull and not so exciting. Now with the newly open world dw9 this game has lots of potential. Some good ideas from fans could make this game even better, i hope koei/tecmo could read this and make some adjustments for the fans. Some of my ideas i hope arent too demanding but again everyone feel free to chime in on my ideas with your inputs along with adding some of your own. My ideas are
    1. Sharper/smoother graphics (edging seems rough) better water, sun rays through trees. Skyrim graphics!!!!!😭
    2. Voicing redone, seems generic. Why not use voice overs from previous games
    3. Open world could use more lush areas seems to bald like my head lmao
    Little more filling, with broken down cottages or carriages old battle banners, bolders, etc..
    4. Adding our beloved body guard system back. Control then to stay and guard, or guard someone else.
    5. Adding a dw5 tactic system, after a certain rank why not have a small army of your own to control a bit? As well as ambush tactics, with the elements!!
    6. Easier way to change officers throughout battle. Say im here(guan yu) and want to be where zhang fei is or liu bei, i should be able to change to them, to play in multiple areas at once in a snap! Just by a button.
    These are some ideas that i think could make the game better, gameplay to me is pretty good, im sure few of use could chime in in areas of desperate need. Fighting system to me feels almost like strikeforce which i loved, fast pace fighting. Thanks!

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    9 Xtreme Legends... Reintroducing legend mode featured in DW5XL ���� Am I asking for too much?

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    Sharper/smoother graphics
    Adding the body guard system back.
    spanish dictionary

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