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    Question Dynasty Warriors 4

    I wish Dynasty warriors 4 way available on XB1X i would be on that so quick it would knock heads backwards, i spent so many hours on that on PS2. I never had internet (online gaming with PS2), but i played that game so much i near on completed the game with every character got every weapon within every faction through from wei wu and shu. I still believe coming up through the series that Dynasty warriors 4 which was my first dynasty game, was and always will be the best one. To this day nothing competes, nothings come closer to keeping me focused on replayability.
    Is it possible we will see a remastered edit for all consoles / PC, so i can once again relive the amazing days i had on PS2.

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    I almost got it for the PS2, but unfortunately didn't. Ir would be nice to have a rereleased version to try out now though.

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