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    Post Nioh 2 suggestions

    Please consider the following:
    This looks like the same game and graphics didn't improved much. Please make Nioh 2 less vague than Nioh 1. You should not be lazy with some thorough and meticulous explanations. Good manual and tutorials are always welcome. Game should be difficult by not because of it's cryptic mechanics but because of the gameplay itself. Every person which playing this game should know exactly how every aspect of it works and not play in a guessing game which is extremely difficult to win. For example, consider the following:
    1) Hardcore mode (like in Diablo 2). You die you go back and you lose you character;
    2) Combo system to make it look more like a fighting game. Nioh 2 should encourage players to build some chains of attacks in a row;
    3) Different characters should drastically affect the story;
    4) Less loot and more possibilities to improve you existing weaponry. Perhaps you should introduce some new original weapons;
    5) More possibilities for a bare-handed fight;
    6) Foes should be more clever and it should not be that easy to bait them with the stone. Wasn't it weird when you fighting pretty close to them and they can't hear a thing and just doing nothing?
    And much more...
    Thank you for you attention and I hope that TeamNinja developers will read my post.
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