Good afternoon everyone,
In this period I see a lot of remastered/remakes multi platform games. Many can be found on Steam too... I guess a simple porting ( or maybe a remastered <3) version of the game FotNS (hokuto musou or shin hokuto musou) could be done on Steam (or Pc version nontheless). I just wonder the many possibilities of a new multiplayer section, skins and so on... The problem is that I can find this game only on PS3 and xBox (maybe wiiU)... this is pretty sad.

Many said this game was not worth, or so. I think sometimes there are too much expectations around a title, even with a fan-service. I think this was a very good game much better then the new Sega Hokuto Ga Gotoku, which is completely out of mood and sometime ridiculous in some animations, no possibility to use other character, and so and so... Despite this Hokuto go gotoku was acclaimed by critic and some fan... There is really no justice in the videogame world XD