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Thread: Orochi Warriors 3 Things you like and don't like

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    Default Orochi Warriors 3 Things you like and don't like

    What do you like about the game and what you don't like about the game.

    Please be detailed in your answers, and civil.

    I like the storyline and battle layouts. I don't like just having a free mode. I would like some more extras like a legend mode or a challenge mode.

    Gameplay is also good.

    What are other peoples thoughts on this game?

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    I liked the fact that other franchise characters were added.
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    I thought the story was great, character interactions are also great, all the new character additions and I love the prep menu music
    The only thing I didn't like was the invite system for online and also when you finished a battle you had to go through the main menu to get back to the village. It was implemented much much better in Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends.
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