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Thread: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

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    I'm really excited for this, I think Xu Shu looks really good and has lots of potential. As for things I would like to see, obviously edit characters would be good, who have the capability to be added into battles like in the Musou Stage edit you get in WO3. Also I think new characters are needed:

    Wei - Yue Jin, due to his sheer skill as a general, he was a member of the Five Wei Generals, but I think Yu Jin remaining as a NPC character who is just pointed out would be better, don't as me why. :P
    Wu - Zhuge Jin, he could have obvious interactions with Zhuge Liang and Dan, he could be pivotal to Chi Bi and maintaining the Shu/Wu Alliance, and also he was a fairly good politician.
    Jin - Zhang Chunhua, Sima Yi needs a balancing element I think, Chunhua could get on well with Wang Yuanji and like Nene in SW2/SW3 could be this motherly figure to everyone who's kindness could counteract Yi's evil/Shi's coldness/Zhao's laziness. I wouldn't want to see Sima Yan as he was the first Jin Emperor yes, but when that happens its no longer Three Kingdoms and therefore not Dynasty Warriors.
    Yuan Shu! - Yuan Shu needs to be in it now, he could be around with Yellow Turbans, Hu Lao Gate, Lu Bu scenarios and his own fall. In Empires he would be a better enemy warlord if he has a unique appearance and he needs his own army now, to go with Yuan Shao too!

    So yeah, kinda bogged down in characters, sorry its so long, but I think introducing/reintroducing characters in Empires games (Meng Huo? ) is a good idea.

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    In dw6 you could make shortcuts by jumping up on cliffs.. which is kinda fun sometimes
    and ofcourse marrying your favorite character

    i hope it will be even better than DW6:E

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    challenge mode would be nice

    also something useful would be to make sure the speech boxes during battle should not appear over player 2's screen. this was really annoying in warriors orochi3 as my cousin could not see. i think it would also be useful if in 2player mode if the map as shared between both players so it can be larger. random thing i would like to see is the map system from dw4, i really liked the rotatable map. also i would like that the characters can actually level unlike in dw7xl were they just obtained stats. the weapon switch system is really nice. i think adding more to jin would be nice. i like the idea of adding guan xing of shu and yue jin of wei. i really hope you do not remove any characters like what happened in dw6 not having some characters such as daqiao. i personally like all of the characters so far. also making the dlc from dw7 and dw7xl usable in dw7e would be nice
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    I think its about time they bring Zhang Fei's son, Zhang Bao, into the game. Him and Guan Yu's son, Guan Xing, ended up taking over their father's roles as key generals in the books. Another key character in the book was Jiang Qi of Wu. He was always with Zhou tai I believe.

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    There should be 5 or more scenarios, including Yellow turban rebellion, Dong zhuo in Luo Yang (I dont know why you take it out from DW6 empires), Rival Warlords with Lu bu, Guan du battle, battle at chi bi and finally the rise of Jin including the new characters from the Jin kingdom and also the fall of shu and decline and fall of wu.


    You must add Yuan Shu, he is a great character and he participates on Yello turban rebellion, Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang and then in rival warlords, and of course his "designation" of Emperor, so I know he would be a great adding to the game

    Also, maybe He Jin can be also a great adding, but he only participates on the first scenario but I think that can be perfectioned and he has a lot of events during his life.

    Ma Teng can be also an interesting choice since he participates in some battles including the plot against Cao Cao, and it can be a nice adding to the first 4 scenarios until he is executed by Cao Cao.

    Events and other stuff:

    PLEASE!! Include events and special battles like DW5 Empires, like yellow turban rebellion, battle at luo yang, guan du, Chi bi, Yi Ling, among others. Also other marring events and please add the researchs like DW 5 empires and take off the cards.
    Also use the mechanism of moving and putting heroes on the territories (DW5 Empires) and not only the possibility of having 16 Heroes, I think that would add some difficulty to the game.
    Add research, ask support, juggernauts, bandits, etc

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    Lu Su is my favorite for new character, also I think it's odd that Xu Shu is Shu since he was most of the time (don't go yapping that he was Shu before Wei cause Jiang Wei was first Wei, there are also Xiahou Ba, Zhuge Dan and Zhong Hui switched sides).

    Also, I think that good idea would be that even some unplayable characters be unique in appearance (like some in SW3 and Basara games).

    I liked Cao Pi's DW6E weapon, also Xiahou Yuan's club from DW5, ... I like more original movements than giving changeable weapons - one should be unique and other changeable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
    ohh how should we start?
    ok lets start with the modes: create a officer (maybe with guardians like in samurai warriors 2), a ballanced versus (like in Warriors Orochi 2 but plsss ballance it.) and lats but not least an offline coop story (not like dw7 the main story only playing in single player). and pls the function of command the other officers on the battlefield.
    system: pls xbox360 (same for one piece warriors plz XD) (now i didnt care because i bought a ps3 last week in priority for the two games (call me freak and your right XD))
    well there are a lot of characters with potential.

    for Others:
    Liu Xie (also called Han Xian, the last Emperor)
    Zhang Bao (Yellow Turban)
    Zhang Liang
    Yuan Shu
    Cheng Gong
    Sha Moke
    Hua Xiong
    Gongsun Zan
    Hu Che Er
    and pls bring back Zuo Ci

    for Wei:
    Cao Ang

    for Shu:
    Ma Su
    Zhang Bao

    i guess thats all ...
    maybe i edit it later if someone important comes into my mind ;-)
    I like the way you think. I'm all for Cao Ang into the game, the Cao Family really needs someone else and who could be better than Cao Ang Furthermore, Cao Ang's death would probably affect Cao Cao's fatherly side more than anything I could think off, and Wan Castle seem to be a big thing now. The thing is, I think 'Big sister' is what Cao Pi needs, not really 'Big Brother'..Or else we'll probably see another Sun Ce and Sun Quan thing. Only one possible candidate is Princess Qinghe, but she doesn't appear much in history apart from slandering her husband.....And I don't think we're going to see another gender bend anytime soon...maybe..idk..Female Cao Ang in armor lululululul

    That aside, I also want to see Li Dian. He seems quite important.

    For Wu, I'm interested in Lu Su. He's been a gap for a long time, and we really need him in there.

    Guan Xing should in in Shu instead of Guan Suo in my opinion. It was recorded that Guan Xing managed to kill Guan Yu's killers and got revenge for his father. That's a pretty big thing. He also have some interesting past with Zhang Bao. That too should make Guan Xing a good character in the game.

    With Jin, I think everyone has expressed how much they want Zhang Chunhua in the game..and I agree completely xD

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    My wish list for characters is pretty simple:
    For Wei:
    -Wen Ping: He was an important officer up to the end of Cao Pi's reign and was present in most major battles Wei fought.
    -Yue Jin and Yu Jin: Simple reason, really, they're the only two Wei Generals not unique yet.
    -Cao Hong: I believe he was an expert with cavalry, would be fun to include him.

    For Wu:
    -Jiang Qin: This would also give Zhou Tai some extra interaction. He was an important officer and adds to the Wu pirate theme.
    -Cheng Pu and Han Dang: Is there any point in time you can say they weren't fighting for Wu? I think only Wu around the time Ding Feng was one of their most influential officers do not have these two walking around the battlefield.
    -Zhu Ran: Important officer for mid and late Wu.

    For Shu:
    -Guan Xing: Get rid of Bao Sanniang and Guan Suo and replace him with a son of Guan Yu that's actualy worth something. (and don't put a flower in his hair, for god's sake)
    -Zhang Bao: Interesting in combination with Guan Xing as I believe they form a brother oath of themselves to honor their fathers.
    -Liao Hua: An ex-Yellow Turban who witnesses both the rise and fall of Shu, that should give you quite a lot of play out of this guy.

    For Other:
    Don't have many here but Yuan Shu is definitely one that should be added considering his prominence in DW7's story mode. Early on in the story mode there were a few too many important characters who didn't even have a unique look. Rectifying this means adding to the Other roster. Of course, rulers are the only ones worth making unique before adding anyone to the main factions.

    That's my character wishlist, hope it gives you an idea.

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    For Wei I think that Yu jin,Yue Jin and Cao Hong are perfects..
    For the other kingdoms for me it's equal..yuan shu maybe..
    Wu and shu no matter who is going to be added..the main characters are presents.

    The return of zuo ci?

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    I thought about the gamemode once again.
    A gamemode with a map like in Romance of the three Kingdoms would be very nice. And when armys meet, a typical dynasty warriors battle should start.
    With this it would be possible to build complet armys like whatever you want. and the best thing: you can fight all without allies *dream* ^^
    I also thought about new characters, and there are so many who can be choosed .... i dont know who should be in. but in my opinion, there should me more on "other" characters, so there will be more characters for the yuan familie, to dong zhous army and to the yellow turbans, maybe also more for the nanman.
    thats what i think.
    ohh and pls a ballanced vs mode ^^ i loved it on warriors orochi 2 XD

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