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Thread: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

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    Wei:Nu Wa,in DW 3,Nu Wa did help alot with Cao Cao on the battlefield
    Cao Zhong,I have no idea why i put his name,it just pop out from my mind

    Shu:Guan Xing,he is one of sons of Guan Yu.
    Zhuge Jun,put him too,he can help Zhuge Liang though

    Wu :Fu Xi,if i`m not mistaken,Fu Xi is with Wu in DW 3.

    Others:Zou Ci,i want to see him play his cards,plus he make Cao Cao faint
    Taigong Wang, put him too,at least he maybe can help Liu Bei
    Yuan Shu,everyone agreed to put Yuan Shu,so i gonna agreed with them too.
    Chen Gong,at least Lu Bu`s strategist can be famous
    King Mu,put him too,he is the founder of Han Dynasty if i`m not mistaken

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    all dlc outfits and weapons from dw7 + xl should be included or it should have some sort of disc swap feature like xl otherwise all money we spent on them would go to waste and we shouldnt have to pay again or lose them as its still apart of dw7.

    after buying sw2e and dw5e to see what people were on about, the a divided land mode is great and should 100% be included if not it will be a massive fail on koei's side lets cross our fingers and prey.

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    so ein mist warum zur hölle bringt koei dynasty warriors 7 für 360 raus und nicht eine brauch bare kaufbare erweiterung????
    scheiss ps3 <.< echt mal so ein beschiss bringt empiers mal für die 360 raus
    währe echt mal eine noble geste weil leute wie ich langsam echt enttäuscht sind -.-

    also was meint ihr is es nicht ungerecht das nur ps3 leute die erweiterungen spielen können???? also ich finde es gemein!!!!

    mfg SyriosOne

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    With only days away from release I gotta say I'm really excited. Friday can't come quick enough
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    I really have fun this game.
    I hope the free DLC and patch will be here soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
    ohh how should we start?
    ok lets start with the modes: create a officer (maybe with guardians like in samurai warriors 2), a ballanced versus (like in Warriors Orochi 2 but plsss ballance it.) and lats but not least an offline coop story (not like dw7 the main story only playing in single player). and pls the function of command the other officers on the battlefield.
    system: pls xbox360 (same for one piece warriors plz XD) (now i didnt care because i bought a ps3 last week in priority for the two games (call me freak and your right XD))
    well there are a lot of characters with potential.

    for Others:
    Liu Xie (also called Han Xian, the last Emperor)
    Zhang Bao (Yellow Turban)
    Zhang Liang
    Yuan Shu
    Cheng Gong
    Sha Moke
    Hua Xiong
    Gongsun Zan
    Hu Che Er
    and pls bring back Zuo Ci

    for Wei:
    Cao Ang

    for Shu:
    Ma Su
    Zhang Bao

    i guess thats all ...
    maybe i edit it later if someone important comes into my mind ;-)

    I agree with all the comment that have been said so far but this quote in particular because i think there should be more characters such as Ma Su, Zhang Bao and also He Jin, Yuan Shu, Zhang Xiu because it will make the game more interesting and in dynasty warriors 7 empires common officers like Sha Moke or Sima Yan all look similar, therefore should have there individual looks and weapons and add storylines for the next dynasty warrior games to come.

    I have made my own versions of these common officers and I would like to share it with Koei for further Character development. The Characters I have Made Have been uploaded in Dynasty Warriors 7 empires so if you would like to see them, My Psn is LGND_WARRIOR, if you could not find the edited characters on the game them Please tell me and I will Reupload them. And Is there any way I could write my ideas to koei for the next dynasty games, if there is Please Tell Me.

    Thank You.

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    Release it on Steam with online multiplayer.

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