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Thread: You lost a NG fan, one more again...

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    Default You lost a NG fan, one more again...

    As a former Ninja Gaiden fan (from NES/SNES to PS3 and of NG BLACK especialy) I must rise up to tell you how bad you've managed the license.

    A license means sticking at least at the base of the canonical type of the founder episode. But here you have ruined the technicity and deep only to throw a banal beat 'em all and worst:

    In the former Ninja Gaiden's you'll have to go like with martial arts spirit and (za)zen to master the technicity of the combat system and achieve the game on Master Ninja rank.

    But here you'll have to smash quickly the same buttons to fight crowds of enemys in a repetitive and boring way. Minus by the fact you have only one style of weapon, only one ninpo and no objects/shop or upgrade... it's make the game really poor.

    And the level design is as poor: only right away, no fork, just right away until the next "arena" where you'll fight crowds of enemys, until the next arena... repeated ad nauseum... There is norhing hidden, nothing to search for, no reason to explore et anyway nothing to explore at all... only right paths.

    the polished combat techniques of previous NG were missing hard: instead mastering your moves you just need some reflexes for the Q.T.E. ! It was why NG was a very good game: precises controls with a very rewarding laerning curves coupled with a well balanced difficulties (even on master ninja).

    and again a bad thing: Ryu looks more like a FPS's hero than a master ninja. Communication and ability to feel deepply inside him doesn't need to pass by (bad) dialogues or a pity family story with the little girl and her momy'. This way he loose all what make him strong and a Ninja. what a pity.
    You seems to have forgeted about it's possible to make people feel the deep of a mind with a word. And the pathos you've served us is really... pathetic (i don't see an better word, sorry).

    In the same registry: in between mission there is a screen with a map "tactical style"... but damn', we are in a Ninja Gaiden not in a Call of Duty or a Battlefield ! n the same way, there isn't any thing wich remind the background of a ninja. Even the village of Ryu couldn't even stand for one as it looks like a poor assemblage of huts and not as a ninja's lair or japaneese traditional home/temple (looks at the NG S2 for some example of a ninja village if you need some !). After that think at the ninja in the village who feed the chicken in broad day light with his ninja's gear & clothes... a pity.

    And to end this sinister joke wich is NG 3, take a minute to think really at the process of DLC (or pay to have what the game lack). a pretty full DLC with new and good content for a good game could be OK, but add only one weapon to a game wich lack of all at this point... some guys of the production must have no fear or remorse for doing a such unfair move...

    So to all the master ninjas around and Ninja Gaiden's fans: go away, and stick with the formers editions (like NG Black for exemple). to Team Ninja: You have forggeted what makes a NG a NG. You loose one more old fan.

    Regards, Lunar_Lander.

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    I totaly agree with you

    check my post about the issues and bugs that NGS has. if they could solve those issues then I might play that game on master ninja. but until then I only play AC III

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    This is what DW has become too. But people will still buy both games, cause NG/DW have cult followings.

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