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Thread: Chi-Chi's gallery

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    Love your wallpapers, specially the Yuna one. <3
    I like your new Diao Chan sig too, no idea how you did it to make it look like tthat. But it looks great. :3

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    thankyou so much!! xD xD xD

    what I did to make the diao chan sig was make the background black, copy and paste in picture on another layer, then using another layer draw over the picture in white, delete the picture, then on the topmost layer make all different colours but set it to colour dodge. :3

    I've been obsessed with making these recently so if anyone wants one, link me a pic, request colours if you want, and I'll make it

    Liu Bei DW6

    Sun Jian DW6

    Zhen Ji fan art

    don't like the Zhen Ji one as much because it's a bit too detailed, but i love the blues. Sun Jian I had to use linear burn instead because the colour dodge looked weird.

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